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Jesse Cibella 2/11/07 103EX5Cibella Introduction: My research proposal is that car labels have different effects on the perceptions people have of you. People would 90% of the time choose A Jaguar over a Toyota. A Mercedes Benz over a Prowler and a Roles Royse, the car you drive has a great influence on peoples perception of you. In this world labels make who you are. Personality plays very little role anymore. The car you drive will definitely effect how people treat you. Research Methods My research consisted of two things: the first was an online survey taken by 15  students raging in ages from 16 and up. Some of the questions asked included gender,  age, education received, and if they had a drivers license. The other questions asked were  what type of car would you rater drive, if money was the only reason that they were  driving their current car, and if they think they look at people differently because of the  car that they drive.  Then came the open ended questions, three open ended in total:  What type of car do you currently drive, what car would you drive if price was no option,  and do you think that car ads on TV and in magazines give you a certain idea of the car  company and the type of cars that they make? Why/ or why not.  The second type of  research I used was an observation/ interview of two nineteen and one twenty-three year  old males and their reaction to three different car commercials. The first ad was for a new  Toyota truck, the second for a Ford truck, and the third a Kia. (The ads shown for this  experiment are available on DVD upon request).   Findings:
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The findings of the survey are as follows: Gender      Male  6 Female  9 Total: 15 Age     Under 16   0 16-18   6 19-23  8 23 and over   1 Total: 15 Highest level of education received?     Still in High School  2 High school Graduate  0 High School and some College received  12 College Graduate   1 Total: 15 Do you have a Drivers License?     Yes  13 No  1 Total: 14 What type of car would you rather drive?     Toyota  1 Jaguar   4 Mercedes Benz   7 Prowler   3 Roles Royse  0 Total: 15 Are you driving your current car because it was  the only one that you could afford     Yes  9 No  6 Total: 15
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103 Paper1CIBELLA - Jesse Cibella 103EX5Cibella...

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