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Jesse Cibella College Writing II Mrs. Lasarenko 1.21.07 David Funkhouser and Conor Corcoran This observation took place on Sunday January twenty-first 2007. This observation was of my two roommates Conor and David as they played Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas on the X-box 360 played in room 340C Watson hall in the common area. The game was played from 12- 3 short break for Pizza then played again from 4-30-6:30. The game played was a co-op game meaning that they were working together. They started out playing together talking to each other nicely asking if they had each others but after about two hours they began yelling and screaming at each other. They began saying things like “What were you thinking that was a STUPID move”. And other things not appropriate to say in this paper. Before to long they were working well together again I think in this atmosphere they were comfortable to let the other know what they thought and scream
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Unformatted text preview: profanities at each other knowing full well that our door was closed. They eventually became extremely hungry and broke for a quick lunch break. They again became full of energy then began playing again and screaming at each other this time with witty comments poking at each others personal life rather than the others game play as they did before. Once they finally realized that they had wasted the whole day playing the game they turned it off only to realize that a football game that they wanted to watch was on. I do not think that they would act this obnoxious had it not been our own room. By the end I confessed to them that I had been observing them all day and we all got a good laugh out of all of the game play today I think that the environment played a huge part in the way that they played and talked to each other today. In conclusion habitat has an effect on behavior....
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