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Music 101 Notes 3-12-08

Music 101 Notes 3-12-08 - o Slow pace o 4 acts sometimes...

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Music 101 Notes 3/12/08 De Capo Form o Allows emotion to fester and intensify o ABA form o Comes back to same points and emotions o Not that much development of thought o More repetition o “La guistizia” (Aria sung by Sextus in Julius Caesar) o During second A, many singers add flourishes and other ornaments to show off skill. Opera Seria o Lumbering giant from past times o Critics say its way over the top, too extravagant o “we need something different” o Enlightenment thought was into rationality, real thought…opera seria did not fit the mold o Opera Seria can be serious and funny.
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Unformatted text preview: o Slow pace o 4 acts sometimes • Opera Buffa o Operas about real world situations within the plots o A lot quicker than opera seria o Faster pace • Don Giovanni (1787) Written by Mozart o Characters Don Giovanni, main character, seducer of women Leporello, Don Giovanni’s servant Donna Anna, Giovanni seduces (rapes?) her and kills her father Donna Elvira, another woman who shows up looking for Giovanni, who abandoned her Zerlino, Elvira’s maid, who also falls for Giovanni Masetto, Zerlino’s fiancé...
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