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Jesse Cibella 2/4/07 103EX4Cibella My research proposal is that car labels have different effect on the perceptions people have of you. A Jaguar over a Toyota a Mercedes Benz vs. a Prowler the car you drive has a great influence on peoples perception of you. The car you drive will definitely effect how people treat you. I will explain the price of five popular models of cars while explaining that wealth usually goes along with peoples perception of you. The other facts that I will state is that of the commercial appeal of each car and how it affects peoples perception of the cars. What peoples reaction would be if they happened to see the car that they idolized on the TV in real person. I will use research from many different sites the car making sites being the most abundant of my sources. I will also have a non professional survey asking people what they would think of certain cars if they saw them on the road. These will
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Unformatted text preview: help prove my point in that the websites can provide me information about each of the cars and I can get genuine reaction about the cars using the survey. Exercise 4 : Research Proposal Due : Feb 5 Write a paper (600 words, typed, double-spaced) in which you discuss your topic for your first paper. Your proposal should include the following sections: Your prospectus should include the following sections: Argument Discuss and explain the reasons you will be providing to support your thesis. Indicate what research methods you plan to use and how they will help you gain the information you need to support your claim. Conclusion Discusses the implications of your research. Who will benefit from your study? What significance will it have for other scholars in various fields....
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