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Unformatted text preview: surface. The point of contact corresponds to the hole in top side of the probe, through which a pencil can be inserted to mark the probe location. Install the conducting sheet with the central circle and concentric ring on the bottom side of the mapping board such that current can flow through the sheet from one brass conductor to the other. Ensure that the screw nuts are in good contact against the conductors. Place a sheet of paper with concentric circles on the upper side of the mapping board. Position the paper using the holes and small metal pins, and hold it in place with masking tape. Connect the power supply through the double‐throw switch, and across the voltage divider represented by the tap points. Connect the positive (red) side of the power supply to the silver strip on the bottom of the field mapping board. Before you connect the power supply to the board by closing the double‐throw switch, check and recheck the circuit, and convince yourselves that it makes sense. If unsure, check with the inst...
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