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We will use the fact that there is no current flow

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Unformatted text preview: ll point and a ring, by using two charged conductors of those same shapes (point and ring) embedded in a high‐resistance conductive sheet. We will use the fact that there is no current flow between two points at the same potential, to map out equipotential surfaces, and from them, infer the electric field lines. The goal of this laboratory is to improve your understanding of electric fields and equipotential surfaces. Apparatus The apparatus contains two separate circuits. One circuit is the one whose electric field pattern we would like to study. This circuit has a mapping board which can have a high resistance plate attached, on which there are two brass conductors. We will investigate the electric potential and field of concentric configuration of a “point” charge at the center of a charged ring, and a dipole configuration consisting of two charged “points”. This circuit is powered by a power supply. The power supply in this experiment will be our first use of the Pasco 750 box. There will be more detailed instructions on the use of the Pasco 750 during the lab. NM Phy...
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