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Jesse Cibella 3/7/07 Exercise 6 Topic: 9/11 attacks and Americas response Author I am writing this paper because it is something close to me as an American. Another reason I am writing this is because some people that were close to me were in the NYC area as TWC went down. READER What is your intended reader like? Where does s/he come from? How old is s/he? My intended reader is a college student to about the ages50. They are from the united states and they have an open mind What is your relationship with the reader? A Fellow American What is the reader's background? Education? Position? Goal? The reader has at least one year of college in a professional position, and shares some basic goals What does s/he already know about our subject?
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Unformatted text preview: I expect a basic knowledge about 9/11 and the American response they know who was responsible and how they achieved what they did. What does s/he want to know about our subject? A more in depth look at 9/11 and the effects that it still has on us 6 years later How does s/he feel about our subject It is prob. A subject that is close to them as an American and they view what happened 9/11 as a tragedy. They should still feel depressed when it is addressed in depth. Constraints: I do not think anyone will have many constraints with my paper because it affected everyone in America even if you did not know anyone that was close to the world trade center at the time...
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