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Spanish Grammar 06 - o Pensar en to have general thoughts...

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Spanish Grammar 6 (p.69-75) o Disgustar- to upset, or annoy o Gustar- strongly positive reaction or physical attraction o Caer bien- to like an individual o Caer mal- to dislike and individual o o Gustar (also disgusta, caer bien, y caer mal) o Uses indirect object pronoun (pleases me, you them (me, te, le)) o Noun that is doing the pleasing goes after verb o Construction- indirect object pronoun + gustar + subject/noun o Pensar- to think referring to mental processes
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Unformatted text preview: o Pensar en- to have general thoughts about o Pensar + infinite- to plan to do something o Pensar de- an opinion or point of view, generally used in questions o Pensar que- to have an opinion about something o Creer- synonymous with pensar que o Consistier en- consist of o Depender de- depend on o Enamorarse de- fall in love with someone o Casarse con- to marry someone o Soñar con- to dream about...
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