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Spanish Grammar 03

Spanish Grammar 03 - Direct object pronouns follow an...

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Spanish Grammar (p. 32-39) Grammar o Direct object (el complemento directo) receive the direct action, to whom/what o Direct object pronouns (los pronombres de complemento directo) replace direct objects Me Te Lo (le) La Nos os los (les) Las o How and where questions are not direct objects Direct object pronouns can go on the end of an infinitive or present participle but otherwise go before verb
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Unformatted text preview: Direct object pronouns follow an affirmative command but precede negative commands Word choice o Trabajar- to work as in physical or mental labor o Funcionar- to function as in work o bajo- short as in height o corto- short as in length o breve- short as in brief or concise o o mira- to look at or watch o buscar- to look for o parece- to seem, or appear...
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