M2 W11 - Name LS4 MIDTERMII Monday 5PMTO6:50PM Name_ ID...

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Name 1 LS 4 INTRODUCTORY GENETICS MIDTERM II Monday, 2/7/11 5 PM TO 6:50 PM Name______________ write your name on all pages ID #_______________ 1. Short questions 18 points 2.Hfr Cross 16 points 3. Recombination & Transduction 18 points 4. Biochemical/Genetic Pathway 16 points 5. Star Trek 16 points 6. Chi Square 16 points TOTAL SHOW WORK FOR COMPLETE AND/OR PARTIAL CREDIT FOR ALL QUESTIONS ASSUME COMPLETE PENETRANCE
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Name 2 1a. 5 points. A stock of phage T4 is diluted by a factor of 10 ‐4 and 0.1 ml of it is mixed with 0.1 ml of 10 8 E. coli /ml. The mixture is plated onto an agar plate. The next day 1130 plaques are visible. What is the concentration of T4 phages in the original T4 stock. 1.13 x 10 8 pfu/ml 1b. 8 points. Temperature sensitive (ts) mutations of phage T4 grows only at 30°C whereas the wild type (ts + ) phage T4 can grow at both 30°C and 40°C. You want to determine the recombination frequency between two ts mutations (called ts1 and ts2). An E. coli strain is coinfected (at high m.o.i.) at 30°C with a wild type phage stock and with a phage that contains both ts mutations. ts1 - ts2 - x ts1 + ts2 + When the progeny are titered it is determined that 1 x 10 9 pfu/ml of the progeny phage stock can form plaques at 30°C but only 3.5 x 10 8 pfu/ml can form plaques at 40°C. What is the recombination frequency between the two ts mutations? (circle correct answer) 0 1.5% 3% 3.5% 7% 9% 10% 13% 15% 17% 20% 22.5% 25% 28% 30% If none of above, the correct answer is 30% 1c. 5 points You have three strains of E. coli, A , B , and C . Mixing A and C gives no exchange of genetic markers. A and B exchange genetic markers with a 1 in 10 4 frequency. B and C
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M2 W11 - Name LS4 MIDTERMII Monday 5PMTO6:50PM Name_ ID...

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