You then cross the f1 heterozygous males with their

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Unformatted text preview: of 1 in 107. Label the three strains as F-, F+ or Hfr. (circle answer) A is: Hfr B is: FC is: F+ 

 16 points You are given 2 different Hfr strains of E. coli. You mate these Hfr strains to an F- strain carrying mutations in the following genes: gly, leu, ara, pro, his, tyr, lys. The times of first appearance of individual Hfr genes (wild type alleles) among the recombinants were as follows (in minutes): Hfr marker Hfr 1 Hfr2 gly 75 75 leu 9 51 The E. coli map is ara 57 3 90 minutes long. pro 13 47 his 64 86 tyr 48 12 lys 80 70 (2A) Draw a complete map of the E. coli chromosome showing the distance (in terms of time) between each marker and the locations and orientations of the Hfr1 and Hfr2 origin. (2B) Phage λ integrates primarily at a unique position on the E. coli chromosome. This pos...
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