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Spanish Grammar 04

Spanish Grammar 04 - o A thing receiving the action A ellos...

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Spanish Grammar 4 (p.40-53) o Uses of se o Is used for passive voice and the impersonal o Se+ third person singular verb (se is always in third person singular tense) Ex. Se ultiliza= is used, se hablan= are spoken, se dice= are sold o Indirect objects (el complemento indirecto) o The person or thing involved in or affected by the action secondarily Often used for to whom, for whom, from whom
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Unformatted text preview: o A + thing receiving the action A ellos, a su amigo o Indirect object Pronouns (los pronombres de complemento) o Identical to direct object pronoun except in the third person o Me, te, le(him or her), nos os, les(them) Ex. Mis padres me prestan dinero, Garcia le escriben a su hijo o Attach to the end of negative commands but not affirmative commands...
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