If we didnt have a null terminator we would have no

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Unformatted text preview: the string is over. If we didn’t have a null terminator we would have no way to tell if a sentence was finished since putting in blanks, or spaces, at the end of you sentence is completely acceptable. So this said keep in mind when finding the length of a string, that the string will be one longer then expected because of this null terminator. USAGE You may use a string in exactly the same fashion in which you use an array, specific elements may still be referenced, changed, or tested. However %s will be introduced to use with the printf command. %s much like its cousins %d or %f indicates to the printf command to print out a variable. You may have guessed the ‘s’ in %s stands for string, you would be correct, here is an example on how to use %s: char word={"hello world"}; printf("%s",word); would print to the screen: hello world HOMEWORK 1. Design a program to take two arrays of equal length , A1 and A2, and point wise add them i...
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