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This is very easy an individual array element is

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Unformatted text preview: t. This is very easy, an individual array element is accessed like array_name[index]; and can be treated exactly as a variable. So say we would like to make one of our array elements 5 we could do so like this: array_name[3]=5; We can even make array elements equal to other array elements as such: array_name[2]=array_name[3]+5; SIZE OF AN ARRAY As covered in class to determine the length of an array we do: sizeof(array)/sizeof(array element); Please refer to lecture notes 10 for an explanation why. STRINGS You may recall that it is possible to have characters in C. A character is a single letter like ‘a’ or ‘F’. A group of characters, or a word, is called a string in C. DECLARATION There is actually no data type reserved for strings in C. Instead we create arrays of character which serve the same purpose. We would declare a word, or sentence as follows: char string_name={“Sentence or word contained in quotes”}; The last element of this array actually contains a null terminator (\0), which is something the computer puts in by default to indicate that...
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