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Koppelman Essay67 - society today we teach that...

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Koppelman Essay p. 67 On page 67 of Koppelman the very beginning grabs your attention due to its strong language and graphic detailing. The only problem with the beginning is that it is the truth. No one in their right mind would agree to sponsor, support, or watch a team that’s name offended their race or religious views. My opinions on the names of the Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves, and Golden State Warriors will differ from others mainly due to my social up bringing and race. I myself have no Native American ancestry and find no offence in any of those names. I also grew up in a smaller, dominantly white community where this subject wasn’t debated and/or taught to be offensive. That would obviously differ from the opinions of someone who has a strong Native American background. I also find truth in this essay on page 67 and page 68 in the statements that as
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Unformatted text preview: society today we teach that Indians (Native Americans) are “extinct.” Extinct as in history, only something in our past that we should read about in books or watch in old movies. I agree with the essay because I’m trying to remember the last time in school we talked Native Americans as a current race, a people that are still here today. The problem is that I’m drawing a blank. On the subject of some people trying to divert attention to other things Native Americans are facing such as poverty and unemployment I feel that those people are right. Although I see the point that the mascot debate could be solved very quickly, I just feel that time, resources, and money could be put to better use in the above issues of poverty and unemployment....
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