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Geography HL+SL paper 2 resources booklet

Isolated telephone station contour

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Unformatted text preview: .......................... CONTOUR INTERVAL 10 METRES 8806-5204 [Source: Extract from a map of Florac, France produced by IGN (1999)] Turn over –4– A2. Coasts and their management (b) N06/3/GEOGR/BP2/ENG/TZ0/XX/RE A3. Arid environments and their management The photograph shows a structure known as a revetment. It was constructed to prevent coastal erosion. (b) The photographs below are of the same area in south-west USA. Photograph A was taken in 1899 and photograph B was taken in 1997. Photograph A Feature X Photograph B Feature X [Source: www.usna.edu/NADE/courses/en420/ketterer/10.htm] B7. Contemporary issues in geographical regions (b) The map shows the single feature regions for the suppliers of a particular household service in the state of Iowa, USA. % of households receiving the service for each colour in the map: 50 % and over 25-49 % [Source: J M Rubenstein (1996), The cultural landscape, an introduction to human geography] 8806-5204...
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