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Serafin 1 Laura Serafin Professor Fader Research Writing April 5, 2008 Marketing Research Strategies in American Society Ever heard of positioning, “pester power,” and Paco Underhill? These are just a few of the many facets responsible for turning numerous businesses into success stories by implementation of effective marketing research strategies. As consultant and partner to corporate America, marketing researchers like Paco Underhill help companies gain insight into the realm of consumer behavior patterns. Through a methodical process of observation, data collection, and analysis, marketing researchers are able to determine if a company’s current marketing program is effective or whether it needs to be redesigned. It also provides businesses with the knowledge to make educated decisions on whether or not the time is right to launch upgraded products or to keep selling the current versions. Most importantly, marketing research strategies enable businesses to determine whether their products are positioned properly or whether the timing is right for an image change. To find out whether repositioning of a product makes sense, marketing researchers will survey consumers by asking how they currently perceive the product’s quality and performance, how they view the product compared to the leading competitor, and what the product’s personality is. Although adhering to such marketing research strategies has proven quite effective profit-wise to big business, it unfortunately has transformed life for American consumers into a type of George “Orwellian” society in which our every thought, emotion, and movement is being observed under the microscope and analyzed for a higher authority. As a consuming American society, people need to take better notice of marketing research strategists such as Paco Underhill, who study our every
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Serafin 2 move, the labels advertising companies assign to us, and just how profitable the luring of our nation’s vulnerable children has become to the advertising industry. Little known to the public is just how far advertising and marketing companies have overstepped their bounds. Did you know that your every move could be taped on video without your knowledge and be scrutinized for hours upon hours? People like Paco Underhill, a retail anthropologist, make a living of doing exactly just that for major corporations. Did you ever wonder why the season’s hottest new styles at fashion savvy stores like the Gap are usually displayed on the right at least fifteen paces in from the front entrance? According to Paco Underhill, clothing should be intentionally placed that way because that’s where shoppers are most likely to see them as they enter the store, gear down from the walking pace of a mall corridor and adjust to the shop’s spatial environment (Gladwell 642). Paco’s expertise is derived primarily from his methodical examination of our shopping behaviors through the way we walk, where we look, and what we buy. With more than a decade of experience under his belt in analyzing
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research strategies final - Serafin 1 Laura Serafin...

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