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sklar276 - support their family I disagree with Sklar’s...

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Sklar Essay p. 276 Holly Sklar definitely went about writing her essay in a different fashion. The use of the phrase, “Imagine a country,” at the beginning of almost every paragraph became extremely annoying, very quickly. After the first page the phrase began to be very irritating and was a distraction from the facts she was presenting to us. Though I didn’t enjoy the article much, there were some statistics listed that jumped out at me. Seeing on page 281, that in 2001, 1 in every 146 U.S. residents was incarcerated was mind boggling. How our government could spend some much time, money, and effort into putting our citizens behind bars instead of trying to keep them out. I feel that if more people had full time jobs, or even just well paid part time jobs that more people would be out of the streets, being able to afford adequate housings, and
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Unformatted text preview: support their family. I disagree with Sklar’s choice of attacking the President on page 283. Though her views are entirely hers, and I do not necessarily debate all of what she says about our nation’s leader and his policy’s, I do however feel that it is unnecessary to say that he is a “…mediocre student who relied on legacy affirmative action for the children of rich alumni to get into a top prep school and college.” To me it’s simple when it comes to political policies, if you disagree; criticize the policy, not the one(s) who created it. I just think that when we criticize individual people it just wastes our time, pisses more people off, and then nothing ever gets done....
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