Risks of the GM soybean plant

Risks of the GM soybean plant - Ready" soybean the most...

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Risks of the GM soybean plant Information is scare about health hazards such as toxicity in GM foods GM foods may cause bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics Allergen content was greatly enhanced when the soybeans were genetically altered When rats were fed GM soybeans, they had a meager weight gain which would not be a good sign for a healthy, growing, human body. Not only does the foreign gene produce a substance that has never been in that species, it produces it in an essentially unregulated manner that is uncoordinated with the needs and natural functions of the organism. Recent investigation by Japanese scientists reveals that Monsanto's data on its "Roundup
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Unformatted text preview: Ready" soybean, the most widely planted GE crop, shows important differences between the GE bean and its conventional counterpart. For instance, after heat processing of both the GE and non-GE beans, the concentrations of three harmful substances were significantly higher in the GE samples. Source used for benefits http://www.foodfuture.org.uk/ http://www.monsanto.com/biotechgmo/asp/farmers.asp? cname=argentina&id=andresfernandezmadero Source used for risks http://www.actionbioscience.org/biotech/pusztai.html http://www.biointegrity.org/health-risks/health-risks-ge-foods.htm...
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