persuasive speech outline - Thesis statement- cell phones...

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Thesis statement - cell phones are extremely distracting while driving and have been proven to significantly increase the amount of accidents both minor and fatal. Attention catcher - It was April of my sophomore year in high school. I had been a licensed driver for a month in a half. I was on my way to meet my friends at his house and as usual I was running late. I was approaching an intersection and I had heard my phone ringing. I reached over to answer it and it was my one of friend asking if I was on my way. Right as I tell him I am about five minutes away… BAM! I had rear ended the silver mustang in front of me. I had been distracted by my cell phone and I assumed the light had been green up ahead but obviously I was wrong and it had been red. We both pull over and I get out of the car to look at the damage. My Mitsubishi was banged up pretty bad, grill was laying in the middle of the road, but worst of all, the entire bumper on the mustang was hanging on by a thread. It was all my fault. I ended up having to pay $2500 to fix my car and the one I hit. I can now stand here and say that a two minute phone call was not worth $2500. I have had first hand experience when it comes to the outcome of being distracted by a cell phone while driving and I have researched the subject extensively, finding that they are… . Transition
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persuasive speech outline - Thesis statement- cell phones...

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