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1. Americans are most skeptical about the technique in which people are chosen to participate in the polls and are also skeptical about the minute sample size in comparison to the broad range of people that the polls are meant to serve. The article on Gallop polls stated that Americans are confident in the result of the polls but are skeptical about the way in which the polls are conducted. 2. To start out with, I agree strongly with random sampling. I think that sample that of which individuals are selected on purpose causes the polls or samples to become biased or controlled, almost in a sense to control the outcome. By selecting randomly this type of sampling allows for equal opportunity for all Americans to voice their opinions. 3. A list of telephone numbers is generated and entered into a computer which uses a process called (RDD), Random Digit Dialing which mixes up the numbers and generates a random list for the Gallop workers to call in order to notify their selected individuals. 4.
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