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BBH 432 notes from 022708 -030508

BBH 432 notes from 022708 -030508 - through 1 OF 2 BBH...

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2-27-08 through 3-05-08 1 OF 2 BBH 432.1 I. Stress and Mood A. Increased levels of perceived stress is assoc. with lower affect and depression. B. Acute stressors and anticipated stressors are associated with negative impact on mood. C. Daily stressors appear to have more of an impact on immediate mood than chronic stressors (traffic, parking, weather, etc.) II. Stress and Depression A. Types of Depression 1. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)- persistent symptoms of depression lasting more that 2 wks and interfere with daily life and functioning. a. Anhedonia-loss of pleasure in normal activities. b. Feelings of loss, hopelessness, severe sadness, despair and guilt. c. Loss of energy, fatigue, and lethargy. d. Charges in sleeping patterns (usually waking up early, unable to stay
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