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Unformatted text preview:w myWalden Student Portal X Bb My Grades - PRAC-6531-24,Pr X Bb My Grades - NRNP-6531-18,Pr x Exam I X G what is osteopathic - Google S X + C * GA Update Apps w Walden Student P... MBS Direct: Patho... A> Login | ADP Workf... Renesan Immigrant Visa - S... 171 Meditrek: Medical... e EPOCRATES RX Practice Fusion =AA Lt Col Brenda James V6 PC -WU (Basic DDx) Humanpatients by KAPLAN ) (? Show Patient Record Expert Feedback X Vitals Documentation: x Pulse: You did not complete documentation for this required exam. Incorrect rate, correct is 92. Incorrect rhythm, correct is regular. Incorrect strength, correct is normal. Key Findings DDX . Respiration: Good, all correct. x BP: Incorrect assessment, correct is normal. (FYI actual BP: 136/76) Create one entry for each problem + . Mental Status: Good, all correct. you identify during your H&P. Right upper quadrant Exam Documentation: abdominal pain radiates to x Lung Auscultation: You did not complete documentation for this required exam. right shoulder Left: not documented. Correct is normal. Right: not documented. Correct is normal. crampy, gnawing, achiness x Cardiac Auscultation: You did not complete documentation for this required exam. Correct is Normal. abdominal pain . Eyes - Pupils: Good, all correct. Pain rated 6 to 7 out of Exams Performed: pain scale drink 2 glass of wine O Correct everynight at dinner Good, you performed 12 key exams for this case: 1. Vitals: Temperature (provided) 2. Vitals: Skin (provided) 3. Vitals: Respiration 4. Vitals: BP 5. Abdomen: auscultate abdomen 6. HEENT: inspect eyes 7. Skin, Hair, Nails: inspect skin overall 8. HEENT: inspect mouth/pharynx Show Clinical Feedback Next Step: Develop Assessment Sound: breath Copyright @ 2015-2021 i-Human Patients, a part of Kaplan, Inc. All rights reserved.