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Unformatted text preview:w myWalden Student Portal X Bb My Grades - PRAC-6531-24,Pr X Bb My Grades - NRNP-6531-18,Pr X i-Human: Case Player Assessm X G cholelithiasis icd code - Google X + C * GA Update : Apps w Walden Student P... MBS Direct: Patho... 42 Login | ADP Workf... Renesan Immigrant Visa - S... 171 Meditrek: Medical.. e EPOCRATES RX Practice Fusion =AA Lt Col Brenda James V6 PC -WU (Basic DDx) Humanpatients by KAPLAN) (? Show Patient History Physical Exam Assessment Tests Diagnosis Plan Summary Record Organize Key Findings Your Findings MSAP Key Finding Relation Key Findings DDX Write Progressive, intermittent RUQ abdominal pain x 2 Problem Relation to MSAP weeks; now increasing in severity x 2 days MSAP Key Finding Evaluated Statement Occasional radiation of RUQ pain to right shoulder RELATED Related: Right upper quadrant Right upper quadrant abdominal pain radiates to Select Related abdominal pain radiates to right right shoulder Differential Nausea, vomiting (nonbilious; nonbloody) and poor RELATED shoulder Diagnoses crampy, gnawing, achiness abdominal pain Related appetite x 2 days Related: crampy, gnawing, achiness Pain rated 6 to 7 out of pain scale Related Prior self-resolving episodes over the last one year RELATED abdominal pain Rank Related: Pain rated 6 to 7 out of pain Differential drink 2 glass of wine everynight at dinner Related Pain initially provoked by fast foods; now occurring RELATED scale with all food intake Diagnoses Positive Murphys sign MSAP drink 2 gla Pain nonresponsive to antacids and NSAIDs RELATED everynight at dinner Select Temperature 100.0 F (oral) RELATED P: Positive Murphys sign Tests Tachycardia RELATED Mild scleral icterus RELATED RUQ abdominal tenderness with voluntary guarding RELATED Positive Murphy's sign RELATED The problem list allows you to begin to see the overall, or unified, constellation of significant signs and symptoms. It is also the starting point for developing, and then ranking, your diagnostic hypotheses. The pertinent presence or absence of other critical signs and symptoms will aid your assessment of the severity of the presenting complaint and your assessment of potential comorbidities. Next Step: Write Problem Statement Copyright @ 2015-2021 i-Human Patients, a part of Kaplan, Inc. All rights reserved.