Lecture 4 - Lecture 4: 1 /16 /08 Globa l Stud ies • The...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 4: 1 /16 /08 Globa l Stud ies • The Four Dragons: Economic Development in East Asia Today o Taiwan o Singapore o South Korea o Hong Kong • East Asia = high economic well being • East Asian Development today o East Asian Newly-Industrializing Economies (4 dragons) grew at 8-10% annually between mid-1980’s and late 1990’s Were at the bottom of the supply chain Began with sweat shops Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) Began as export platforms, but then began making their own things o Stalled in 1998; growing once again o They began as factories for US firms; now they design/market clothing, cars and technology • Reasons for East Asian Economic Growth o Climate is good o Expansion in world trade (1950s-1960s) providing a market for cheaply produced goods o Cold War: U.S, pumped billions of dollars into the region to protect against communist China Directly military aid to Taiwan, South Korea Lecture 4: 1 /16 /08 • Fearing that China would become world power Loans for businesses, airports, roads, etc. o The Developmental State Labor repression >> low production costs (S. Korea, Taiwan, Singapore) • Govt’s recognized their success and the support of their people...
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Lecture 4 - Lecture 4: 1 /16 /08 Globa l Stud ies • The...

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