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Upasana Sonik Bill Gahan Writing 2 January 15, 2008 Logical Fallacy in the Popular Media There are many fallacies in the popular media. One example of a fallacy in the media is noticeable in a particular Coca-Cola commercial. In the commercial there is an old man who is in a retirement home and he is asked if he would like some Coke by the nurse. He replies by saying “I’ve never had one.” Then he takes a bottle, and as soon as he’s done with his first sip, he thinks out loud that “what else have I not done?” Then from this point on the scenes changes from various different settings like: from the old man making a phone call and telling a lady that he has always loved her, going to a house and telling the guy at the house that he’s his real dad, later he’s at a nudist colony, after that at a tattoo parlor getting a tattoo, diving off a high diving board, then riding a motorcycle, then he is shown in bed with twins much younger than him supposedly after having sexual intercourse with both of them, and
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Unformatted text preview: lastly he is shown chased by bulls in Spain. This commercial has two logical fallacies present in it. One fallacy is faulty cause and effect. The faulty cause being that the Coke gave the old man the impression everything he has not done so far in life, is as good as his first Coke. This is a faulty cause because there is not enough evidence to prove that Coke is as good as any of the other activities the old man does after drinking the soda. It is just a matter of opinion. This can also be a hasty generalization because he is generalizing that everything he has not done before is going to be as good as his soda, which is not true, because everyone has their own opinion. For example, getting a tattoo may not be as good as a first drink of soda to everyone, especially at an old age. Both of these logical fallacies are noticeable in this commercial....
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