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Unit 2 paper - Rewrite Sonik 1 Upasana Sonik Writing 2 Bill...

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Rewrite Sonik 1 Upasana Sonik Writing 2 Bill Gahan February 18, 2008 Abigail’s Failure in Authority Many people force their authority over others in order to achieve what they want . They enforce fear in people’s minds to obey and do whatever is asked . Authoritative figures manipulate people’s minds and also manipulate the surroundings and circumstances around them. One example of this is demonstrated by Abigail Williams from the movie The Crucible , based on the play by Arthur Miller . The Crucible is based on a historical event, the Salem Witch Trials. Abigail Williams is a cruel, vicious, and vindictive girl who will go out of her way to achieve the man of her dreams, John Proctor . John Procter and Abigail were having an affair before the beginning of the movie . This is where Abigail’s scheme begins as she begins to accuse innocent people in order to get to John Proctor . Abigail and a group of other girls are caught dancing in the forest around a fire by Abigail’s uncle, Reverend Parris . Amongst the girls was Reverend Parris’s daughter Betty, who after the night of the discovery did not awake . Both girls were unconscious for a while, until Reverend Hale, came to Betty’s room. In reality, both girls were not really unconscious, they were just pretending due to fear. After this, a series of accusations of witchery arose in Salem, and that also led by Abigail Williams . Abigail uses her conniving ways to get Elizabeth Proctor,
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Rewrite Sonik 2 John Proctor’s wife, out of John’s life . Further on in the movie, Abigail accuses Elizabeth of trying to kill her after she sees the Proctors’ servant stabbing a needle into a puppet during the trials at church . The trials were held in the local courthouse and the hearings were over looked
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Unit 2 paper - Rewrite Sonik 1 Upasana Sonik Writing 2 Bill...

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