Guest Lecture Mark Jurgensmeyer; 3-5-08

Guest Lecture Mark Jurgensmeyer; 3-5-08 - Christian...

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Ethnic and Religious Wars: guest lecturer Mark Jurgensmeyer End of cold war Rise of Religious and Ethnic Violence o New sources of power Religious terrorism War on Terror o The New Cold War Subtitle “religious nationalism encounters … Terror in the mind of God The violent encounter of Religious politics Cosmic war o Provides all encompassing world view o Explains why bad things happen o Absolutizes conflict, and demonizes enemies o Overcomes humiliation and gives sense of empowerment o Offers a way of participating as soldiers in the struggle o Makes timelines of battle eternal and their rewards heavenly Sikh Violence o Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale Leader of a movement of Sikh separatism in the north India state of Punjab in the 1980’s Revivalist preacher Indira Gandhi brought Evil to the world Buddhist violence o Shoko Asahara
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Wanted to take over Japan Third WW Mount Fuji Asahara was experimenting with gas that killed people in Tokyo Subway
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Unformatted text preview: Christian Terrorism o Before 9/11; biggest religious terrorism o Tim M. Oklahoma Bombing o Rev. Michael Bray Author of Time to Kill Lutheran Anti-abortion o Rev. David Hill Executed by the state of Florida for killing abortion clinic staff Jewish Terrorism o Dr. Baruch Goldstein Attacked Muslims at Hebron Shrine Followed the words of Rabbi Meir Kahane his mentor From US and not Israel o Jewish prime minister killed by a Jewish not a Muslim Islamic Terrorism o Sheik Ahmed Yassin Leader of Hamas Movement Dr. Rastini o Sayyed Abul Ala Maududi o Sayyid Qutb o Usama Bin Laden The fatwa of Osama Bin Laden proclaimed in 1998 Military issues o US army in Saudi Arabia Political issues o Support for Israel, War on Terrorism o Leo Strauss Global Jihadi War o Bush and Bin Laden--- competing...
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Guest Lecture Mark Jurgensmeyer; 3-5-08 - Christian...

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