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way to rainy mountain

way to rainy mountain - being holy For example “for a few...

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From Birth to Death In The Way To Rainy Mountain , the twelfth set of stories discusses one common motif, that of fire, destruction, and eventual rebirth; however, it is a set of ordinal stories. The first story is about a man, woman, and child escaping enemies by setting fire to their own house. The second story is about a heraldic tipi, known as the Do-giagya guati , which is accidentally “destroyed by fire”. The third story is about a person walking through the Rainy Mountain Cemetery. There was a “deep blush on the sky, and the dark red earth seemed to glow with the setting sun”. In all of these stories there is the discussion of fire, or in the case of the third story, the color of fire. These stories use a mixture of different concepts from the Joseph Campbell film including the cosmological and pedagogical functions of myth. It is cosmological because it deals with the universe
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Unformatted text preview: being holy. For example, “for a few moments, at that particular time of the day, there is a deep silence. Nothing moves, and it does not occur to you to make any sound. Something is going on there in the shadows. Everything has slowed to a stop in order that the sun might take a leave of the land”. This passage discusses how the whole universe participates in harmoniously in a quiet moment every day. The stories are also pedagogical because they discuss how human live each day, and also how they die. In the first story, the whole story revolves around a child. In the last story, the setting is in a cemetery. This symbolizes the growth of the civilization as a whole, from the inception of the tribe, until the death of the tribe....
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