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Williams English 101 Hannah Allen April 22, 2007 Steroids As humans we strive to become bigger and better than our past generations and our current rivals, but the key to this desire is equality. As humans we are taught morality and cheating is unjust in all aspects of a human’s life. In school we are taught not to cheat. When waiting in line we are not to cut, we are to stand behind the last one in line no matter how long the wait may be. When driving we are to go the speed limit and not exceed or pass others out of selfishness or pride, or else we will get ticketed, or suspended, or kicked out. However there are certain things that convince us otherwise like the media within our society. The media portrays an “ideal” image as to what the human figure should look like. If the media continues to portray that ideal figure, our society will only consist of false identity. “In sufficient quantities, they then turn the body into a kind of fusion engine, converting everything, including fat, into mass and energy” (Lowe 74). Steroids are very dynamic; they are synthetic variations of the male hormone testosterone. Their job is to enter the bloodstream as chemical messengers, attach themselves to muscle cells, and send twofold messages to grow muscle and increase endurance (Lowe 74). The increase of protein synthesis is how the muscles and endurance begin to build and grow. It is nearly impossible to compete with those who are using steroids to better themselves athletically. Steroids morph us as humans, they erase the flaw in humans and give us ‘super-human’ abilities, unfortunately in sports the underdogs cannot compete. In 1
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Williams everyday life steroids give us the biggest bodies of society making a stir within the community as people pass those with enormous biceps and huge pectorals, they put fear in those who wish to fight them. They are almost another species of humans. Steroids are used by humans of all cultures and genders to gain explosive muscles (Duton 281). Humans use steroids to stand out and to be the best, like robots are always made ‘better’ than humans. When I think of robots or borged humans, I think of super-natural abilities like the strength of Hulk Hogan, the knowledge of Bill Gates, any type of ability that separates them from a normal mistake-prone human. So when bodybuilders or humans who are striving to become bigger start taking steroids they are instantly of a different nature mentally and physically. Steroids can cause serious and permanent damage to someone who is under the influence of this drug. There is a thing called “roid-rage”. Roid-rage is a term for the aggression side effect that those experience when on steroids. Early stroke and heart attacks are also proven to occur. Men will grow women-like
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steroids - Williams 1 English 101 Hannah Allen Steroids As...

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