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Unformatted text preview: Being a Leader Thinking Like a Leader Identify What is Happening Account for What is Happening Formulate Leader Actions Identify Issues Analyze Apply Cause-Effect Behavioral Sequence Science Synthesize Information Design a Leader Plan Select Feedback Analyze Explain Evaluate Foundations of Leadership Provide a Vision Think Like a Leader Use the Right Leadership Style Use OB Leadership Skills Power Traits Providing a Vision Direction Objectives Mission Statement The Personality Traits of Leaders Drive Desire to lead Honesty and integrity Self-confidence Cognitive ability Knowledge Position Referent Sources of Power Authority Expertise Leader Behavior Studies What Leaders Do Focus How Leaders Influence Others Accomplishing Tasks Function Satisfying Needs of Workgroups Ohio State University Studies Dimensions of Leadership Initiating Structure Consideration Michigan Studies Leadership Behavior Continuum Increased Leader Control Close Supervision JobCentered General EmployeeOriented LaissezFaire Increased Employee Involvement Leadership Behavior Transactional Accomplish Tasks at Hand Maintain Relationships Transformational Influence Major Changes Build Commitment Characteristics of Transformational Leaders Charismatic Inspirational Individual Consideration Intellectual Stimulation Gender and Leadership Behavior Performance Stereotypes Situational Leadership Theories Path-Goal Belief in Personal Ability Desire to Do a Job Leader-Member Exchange Leader-Follower Attitudes Extroversion Becoming a Leader yThink like a leader yDevelop your judgment yBuild leadership traits yBuild your power base yShare your vision yAdapt your style yPick the right followers yOrganize tasks properly ...
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