Sample Midterm 2

Sample Midterm 2

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Unformatted text preview: s continuity equation? [ w=z sin(y) ] [w = z sin(z) ] [ w=y cos(y) ] [ w = cos(z) ] [w= ­sin(y) ] [w =  ­sin(z) ] [ w= ­cos(y) ] [ w =  ­cos(z) ] Water flows out of a rotating lawn sprinkler. When the volumetric flow rate is Q and the rate of rotation is ω, the exiting fluid velocity relative to the rotating sprinkler is W. If the volumetric flow rate doubles to 2Q and the rate of rotation doubles to 2ω, the new relative fluid velocity will be [ W/8 ] [ W/4 ] [ W/21/2 ] [ W ] [ 21/...
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