4.3.1. T04b CS - Discussion Notes

Discuss identify the conflict handling handling style

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Unformatted text preview: scuss & identify the conflict-handling handling style used/preferred before answering: style a) b) c) 4. W as this style appropriate for the Was situation? situation? If yes, is there anything you would do If differently? differently? If no, how can you move from this style If to a more appropriate one. to Reconvene for class discussion. 3 of 12 Antecedents of Conflict (1 of 2) 4 of 12 Antecedents of Conflict (2 of 2) Incompatible personalities or values systems values Overlapping or unclear job boundaries boundaries Competition for limited resources Competition Organisational complexity Organisational Unreasonable or unclear policies, standards or rules standards Unreasonable deadlines or extreme time pressure time Collective decision making Collective Decision making by consensus Decision Interdepartment / intergroup Interdepartment intergroup competition Inadequate communication Inadequate Unmet expectations Unmet Unresolved or suppressed conflicts Unresolved Interdependent tasks Interdependent 5 of 12 “TE: Conflict-Handling Styles" presented by D. Anth...
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