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The other partys needs are ignored party appropriate

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Unformatted text preview: ’s needs are ignored. party Appropriate for: when it is possible to Appropriate when eventually get something in return. eventually Appropriate for: when an unpopular Appropriate when solution must be implemented solution Inappropriate for: complex or worsening Inappropriate complex problems problems Strength: encourages cooperation Strength Inappropriate for: an open and Inappropriate an participative climate participative Strength: speed Strength Weakness: temporary solution Weakness Weakness: breeds resentment Weakness 9 of 12 Avoiding 10 of 12 Compromising Avoiding: Involves passive withdrawal from a problem or active suppression of it. it. Compromising: A give-and-take give take approach. approach. Appropriate for: trivial issues or when it Appropriate trivial costs more to confront the problem costs Appropriate for: when parties have Appropriate when opposing goals but a similar amount of power of Inappropriate for: difficult and worsening Inappropriate difficult problems problems Inappropriate for: when overuse would Inappropriate when lead to missed deadlines etc. lead Strength: buys time in unfolding Strength buys situations situations Strength: democratic process Strength Weakness: temporary fix Weakness Weakness: temporary fix Weakness 11 of 12 “TE: Conflict-Handling Styles" presented by D. Anthony Lok 12 of 12 OBD/T04c1/2...
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