med anthro-1 - environmental degradation toxic environments...

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Medical anthropology explores the interaction between health, culture and disease; examines other biomedical traditions in how they understand and treat disease [and dis-ease]; and studies biocultural approaches to contemporary health problems. CRITICAL MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY --how local and global forces affect health and well being, and what is called the political economy approach in medical anthropology. A comparative and holistic method of studying disease, trauma/injury, and health related behaviors in various cultural contexts Role of culture and society (along with biology) in issues of health and the body Interdisciplinary: (epidemiology) biology, ecology, history, native and or indigenous knowledge (ethnomedicine) Patterns of change over time and space Cultural (culture as knowledge) How cultures understand health and healing Medicinal plant knowledge and use Mind/body connection to health Environmental Physical environment- development,
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Unformatted text preview: environmental degradation/ toxic environments and pollution Social-demography (urban areas vs. rural areas) Idiosyncratic Individual health habits maladaptive behaviors Fitness Genetics Political economy [critical medical anthropology] Inequality/poverty (globalization and global health, mapping pandemics) Power (pharmaceuticals, access to health care) “Pathologies of Power” Farmer Globalization and Health: Diseases of Development (advanced society) a. diabetes b. obesity c. hypertension d. heat disease e. mental disorders/ substance abuse f. violence *sugar *salt *disturbs traditional environmental balance/ increases bacterial and/or parasitic diseases urban crowding (agendas that spawn rural to urban migration --- rural-self sufficient farmers (organic diet) urban- gradual shift to dependence on manufactured, processed foods alcoholism drug use...
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med anthro-1 - environmental degradation toxic environments...

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