C the a active forms of both phosphorylase and

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Unformatted text preview: the following does NOT bind to a G- protein Coupled Receptor? (the GPCR can be considered to be either in a phosphorylated state or in a non- phosphorylated state for this question). a. Glucagon b. Epinephrine c. Insulin d. Arrestin e. G- protein 16. Which ONE of the following statements is INCORRECT? a. Cytochromes carry electrons using prosthetic groups called flavin mononucleotides. b. Amytal, but not Antimycin A, blocks the reduction of quinone by NADH. c. The standard reduction potential (E0) of FADH2 is more positive than that of NADH. d. During the Q cycle, semiquinone is reduced by QH2. e. ΔG for a redox reaction is proportional to the number of moles of electrons being donated. Biochemistry 405 Exam 3, 2012 Version A 17. Which ONE of the...
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