D glucose produced from complete phosphorolysis and

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Unformatted text preview: phate. c. Production of Ribulose- 5- Phosphate from 6- phosphogluconate. d. Production of Xylulose- 5- Phosphate from Ribulose- 5- Phosphate. e. Production of Phosphoenol Pyruvate from Oxaloacetate. 10. All of the following are substrates or products in the pentose phosphate pathway except one. Which ONE? a. Nitrogenous bases for the synthesis of DNA. b. Glycolytic intermediates. c. Substrates that can be used to maintain the reduced state of glutathione d. A 7- carbon sugar. e. A 4- carbon sugar. 11. Which ONE of the following would yield the most ATP after glycolysis in a muscle cell? a. 10,000 molecules of glucose. b. Glucose produced from complete phosphorolysis of a single linear molecule of glycogen made of 10,000 glucose residues joined in (α1 - > 4) linkages. c....
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