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Unformatted text preview: uninterrupted throughout the experiment because of the action of the uncoupler. Biochemistry 405 Exam 3, 2012 Version A 5. Which ONE of the following statements (a- c) about the Mg2+ ion is INCORRECT? Or are all of them Incorrect (d) or all of them Correct (e)? a. Mg2+ is the central ion in chlorophyll. b. Mg2+ is required for maximal activity of the enzyme that adds CO2 to Ribulose 1,5 Bisphosphate. c. During illumination ATP is used to pump Mg2+ into the stroma. d. All of the statements (a- c) are Incorrect. e. All of the statements (a- c) are Correct. 6. Four of the following types of enzymes catalyze a reaction in each of these three pathways: Calvin Cycle, Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis. Which ONE does not? a. Dehydrogenase. b. Kinase. c. Isomerase. d. Aldolase. e. Epimera...
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