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Writing Assignment 1 - College Composition English 1002...

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College Composition Temple University English 1002 Spring Term 2008 Prof. Jeff Renye Writing Assignment One—Close Reading Due Date : Monday 2/11 The Assignment: Formulate an argument based upon your analysis of some aspect of “The Stowaway” (Chapter 1 of the Barnes novel) or of a short story (no more than one) that we have read before the paper’s due date, dealing both with issues of form and content. Since you are required to perform a close reading, the quoted text that you are using should be preferably around a paragraph in length and certainly no longer than half a page. Do not consult any outside sources. The paper is to be three pages in length (around 1000 words). Use double-spaced 12-point font, Times New Roman, with the pages stapled and numbered, and include a Works Cited page, even though you are only using one primary text for the assignment. *Unless otherwise approved, I do not accept papers e-mailed as attachments. The purpose of this paper is to get you to engage, in depth, with the literary analysis of a text. You will do a close reading of a moment from one of the stories that we have read in class. Your choices as the primary source for this paper are as follows:
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Writing Assignment 1 - College Composition English 1002...

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