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English 1002 Temple University College Composition Spring Term 2008 Jeff Renye Anderson 1143 Writing Diagnostic—“On the Quai at Smyrna” Due Date : Monday, January 28, at the beginning of class Basics : The paper is to be one page in length (around 350 words). Use double-spaced 12-point font, Times New Roman. Be sure to confine yourself to one page, in MLA format (under the Course Documents portion of our Blackboard site you’ll find a hyperlink to the Purdue University OWL site giving full examples of MLA formatting and citing). MLA format requires you to use a heading, a title for the paper, and to number pages (though page numbering won’t be an issue for this assignment). Assignment : Choose one of the following questions related to the Ernest Hemingway story “On the Quai at Smyrna” and write a response. In the heading for your paper, identify which question number that you are answering. A copy of the story can be found under Assignments on the class Blackboard site: 1. Using only the opening paragraph, choose one of the references or descriptions that introduce
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Unformatted text preview: the events and characters of the story. In this initial part of the story, how does the use of certain descriptions or particular references affect the clarity of what’s being told? 2. The story’s next-to-last paragraph opens with the sentence: “You remember the harbor.” Why does the story’s narrator at this point shift to direct address (the reference to “you”) in this part of the story and what might that say about the intended audience for what the narrator is telling? In answering this question, focus on and use the contents of that one paragraph in considering its place and function in the story as a whole. You may find useful marking and examining those places throughout the story where the narration may appear to differ from what’s happening at this point. 3. What kind of an ending does the story’s final paragraph provide? As much as you can, cite directly from the paragraph itself in your response....
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