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Paper Format Guidelines

Paper Format Guidelines - I may ask for an e-copy later so...

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Paper Format Guidelines (Anything not mentioned here will be M.L.A.) Cover page must have your full name, student ID number, course number, semester, my name, and, of course, the title of your work. The writing must be typed, in Times New Roman font, 12 point, and 1.5 spaced. Top and bottom margins shall be 1 inch, side margins shall be 1.25 inches. Place your name on each page either in a header or footer. Also, number each page. Staple, do not paper clip, everything in the upper left-hand corner. Bring at least two copies, one for workshopping in class, and one for me.
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Unformatted text preview: I may ask for an e-copy later, so keep a digital version of each draft. Any deviation from the above guidelines may result in my refusing to accept your paper. I urge you to please follow them carefully. I do ask that you print on both sides of the paper. It saves trees and makes my bag a little lighter when I carry these things around. This isn’t required because I know the computer labs may not do it, but it is a request....
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