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observation 9-10-07

observation 9-10-07 - Tamar Godel Observations of On Monday...

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Tamar Godel Observations of September 10, 2007 On Monday, September 10 th , the dance class explored the basic concepts of movement. They began with aligning the body properly. This is key to any kind of activity, as it helps set the tone for the entire activity. It is essential to dance, because once you are correctly aligned, all of the movement becomes more natural and easier to do. After aligning themselves, the class began warming up their bodies. This helps prevent injury, and also increases flexibility. The warm ups they did included roll downs, to stretch the back and hamstrings; isolations of the head, shoulders, ribs, hips, knees, and hamstring; and relevés to stretch the calves as well as the entire body. After the warm ups came stretches, which help elongate the body and increase elasticity of the muscles. They stretched the hamstrings, quadriceps, lower back and groin. Once they completed the stretching and warm ups, the class explored space with their bodies. They moved all around the room, walking, leaping, jumping, crawling, hopping, skipping
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