Shared ethernet topologies efficiencyeffectiveness how

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Unformatted text preview: rticle – insights • Moorman’s Article – recommendations • CMSA/CD vs. CSMA/CA (PCF) • Switched vs. Shared Ethernet ► Topologies, Efficiency/Effectiveness, How they work, Effective data rates • OSI Transmission Efficiency, MTUs, and Packetization • Backbone Architecture layers • VLANs • Transport/Network layer functions • Improving Network Performance • Know Acronyms! ► KHz MHz GHz Mbps TCP IP SYN FIN IPX SPX LAN NIC BN FDDI ATM PPP FDM TDM STDM OFDM WDM AM FM PSK QAM NOS DSL Mux MAC DCF PCF ACK NAK RTS CTS ARQ DSSS VLAN … Sandman – 140 Slide 4 April 1, 2013 Page 2...
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