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On Thursday October 4 th , Lorene Cary came to visit Temple University. Ms. Cary is the author of the First Year Reading Selection for Fall 2007, Black Ice . Ms Cary was rather older than I expected her to be, although I’m not entirely sure where my mental image of her came from. I was equally interested in the lecture and in the book, but in different ways. The book I enjoyed because she wrote with such beautiful language. Even when the thoughts she was putting across were mundane, Ms. Cary expressed them with language that shows she has put her St. Paul’s education to good use. On the other hand, when she spoke, Ms. Cary was no longer just Libby, a poor black girl from West Philly who had been transplanted to a New England boarding School. She became a real person, an educated woman who had experiences I couldn’t begin to fathom.
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Unformatted text preview: I was also surprised and pleased to learn that Ms. Cary has a sense of humor. For example, when people arrived late, she made them sit right up front, and kept teasing one side of the room for not asking any questions. The two questions I had for Ms. Cary were: (from an historical perspective) What was it like going to school in the 1970s and knowing that your school was still stuck in the late 1800s or early 1900s in not allowing women into the school? I did ask that question, and received a roundabout sort of answer that didn’t really answer my question, but I do have a recording of it. I also wanted but didn’t get a chance to ask (from a personal perspective) how she could have forgotten the rape incident with her boyfriend of the time for so long. (She had mentioned forgetting the episode during another part of her talk)....
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