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A 1997 whats it worth a general managers guide to

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Unformatted text preview: al Manager’s Guide to Valuation,” and “Using APV: A Better Tool for Valuing Operations,” Harvard Business Review, (MayJune), pp. 132-154. Miles, J.A. and J.R. Ezzell (1980), “The Weighted Average Cost of Capital, Perfect Capital Markets and Project Life: A Clarification,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (September), pp. 719-730. Miles, J.A. and J.R. Ezzell (1985), “Reequationing Tax Shield Valuation: A Note,” Journal of Finance, Vol XL, 5 (December), pp. 1485-1492. Miller, M. H. (1977), “Debt and Taxes,” Journal of Finance (May), pp. 261-276. Modigliani, F. and M. Miller (1958), “The Cost of Capital, Corporation Finance and the Theory of Investment,” American Economic Review 48, 261-297. IESE Business School-University of Navarra - 27 Modigliani, F. and M. Miller (1963), “Corporate Income Taxes and the Cost of Capital: A Correction,” American Economic Review (June), pp. 433-443. Myers, S.C. (1974), “Interactions of Corporate Financing and Investment Decisions – Implications for Capital Budgeting,” Journal of Finance (March), pp. 1-25 Ruback, R. S. (1995), “A Note on Capital Cash Flow Valuation,” Harvard Business School, 9-295-069. Ruback, R. (2002), “Capital Cash Flows: A Simple Approach to Valuing Risky Cash Flows,” Financial Management, 31, pp. 85–103. Tham, J. and I. Vélez-Pareja (2001), “The Correct Discount Rate for the Tax Shield: the N-period Case,” SSRN Working Paper. 28 - IESE Business School-University of Navarra...
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