BIOL 121 (2012) Fall - Syllabus

However you will have 110 minutes to take the exams

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Unformatted text preview: format it is crucial to do the assigned reading before the lecture because the reading will form the basis for discussion. Students are expected to first develop an understanding of the material based on the reading, and then come to class with 3 specific questions, either about points that were unclear from the reading, or about ideas or topics that may go beyond the reading. Material covered in the reading and in the discussions may appear in exam questions or clicker- based quizzes. The goals of these discussion- style classes are (1) to develop skills for learning new material independently and (2) to encourage critical thinking in a more informal and interactive classroom environment. REVIEW SESSIONS AND OFFICE HOURS: Review sessions will be held each week. One session, which will be led by faculty responsible for the previ...
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