BIOL 121 (2012) Fall - Syllabus

Masteringbiology purchase of the texts for this course

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Unformatted text preview: and 45. ISBN 10: 1- 256- 74072- 1; ISBN 13: 978- 1- 256- 74072- 1 Biology – Second Custom Edition for the University of Pennsylvania, based on 9th edition, by Campbell, N.A., Reece J.B., Urry, L.A., Cain, M.L., Wasserman, S.A., Minorsky, P.V. and Jackson, R.B. (2011). Published by Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco, CA. This cut- down of the original 9th edition consists of chapters 14 and 15, and chapters 21- 26, inclusive. ISBN 10: 1- 256- 75029- 8; ISBN 13: 978- 1- 256- 75029- 1 Other assigned and optional readings and sources of information will be posted on the BIOL 121 BlackBoard site (see below). MasteringBIOLOGY: Purchase of the texts for this course will give you access to MasteringBiology™, an online tutorial and study program that accompanies the texts. Some of the many study...
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