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BIOL 121 (2012) Fall - Syllabus

Note that there will be audio recordings of the

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Unformatted text preview: 00- 10:50 am. In calculating your overall grade for the course, the lowest of your three normalized mid- term scores will be dropped. No make- up exams will be offered for the mid- term examinations; if you miss one, that one will be the one that is automatically dropped. The final will be a comprehensive examination that all students must take. It will count for 150 points of the overall course grade and be scheduled for the exam period. The final exam is designed to take 60- 80 min to complete although as is the case for the mid- terms you will have 110 min to complete it if necessary. Questions about examination grading will be considered only during a one- week interval after return of the graded exams to the students. For an exam to be considered for regrading, a minimum of 3.5 points, i.e. 1% or more of the aggregate score for the class as a whole, must be at stake on that exam and precisely identified and jus...
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