BIOL 121 (2012) Fall - Syllabus

Since we will use the course listserv for this

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Unformatted text preview: l/clickers/ for a brief description of this system. Note that these will be available for purchase from the University Bookstore. All who are registered for the course must have a clicker because they will be used for impromptu questioning, and monitoring lecture and faculty- led discussion attendance. WEB- SITES AND EMAIL: The BlackBoard site ( contains a great deal of information pertinent to this course including the course syllabus, lecture schedule, PowerPoint slide sets from the lectures, audio recordings of the lectures, additional assigned or optional reading (typically PDF files), problem sets, old exams, course announcements, and links to useful web- based resources. Only students registered for BIOL 121 have access to the BlackBoard site. If you...
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This note was uploaded on 05/10/2013 for the course BIOL 121 taught by Professor Dustinbrisson during the Fall '11 term at UPenn.

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