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End of term instructions - which I have commented in...

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Final days of the semester: December 4 (officially the last day of class) Come to class at the usual time. We will fill out evaluations, which will take about 15 minutes, and the rest of class time will be used for scheduled conferences. If you do not have a conference scheduled, you shall be on your way. December 6 Portfolios Due Please bring your portfolio to my office between 9:00am and 12:00 noon. If it is not to me by 12:00 on the 6 th I will not accept it, regardless. If you cannot bring it to me within this window, please speak with me and we’ll work something out. Feel free to get me the portfolio early, if you wish, but hand them to me personally. _____________________________________________________ Portfolio Guidelines In your portfolio please include the following: Final Drafts of all 4 essays. All rough drafts of assignment 2 which I have seen and upon
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Unformatted text preview: which I have commented in writing. • All rough drafts of assignment 4 which I have seen and upon which I have commented in writing. • A small note telling me which essay of the four you think best represents your writing skills. Just a post-it will do nicely. (This does not mean the essay you choose will count more than the others) Please put the portfolio in some sort of folder. There’s no requirement for this, and it will not affect your grade. Just organize it in some way that makes it easy for me and my colleagues to read it. _____________________________________________________ Conferences: The conference sign-up sheet will be on my office door beginning this Tuesday the 27 th . I am also available for conferences on the afternoon of the 27 th , if you wish. Please email me if you’d like to meet then....
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